Eugene Tan

+1 (650) 430-5075

Sunnyvale, CA 94086


Flexible and adaptable hands on Software Engineering Manager with 12 years of solid experience in Configuration Management and Information Technology with a strategic and tactical approach to achieve value based business objectives.

Management Skills

Hands On Leadership Configuration Management Project Management DevOps Release Engineering Team Building Vendor Management Resource Management Customer Service Technology Roadmaps Global Cross functional Leadership Strategic Planning Strategic Execution C-Level Interactions

Current Technical Skills

Git Gerrit Gitlab Perforce ProtextIP Bash Windows Shell Jenkins Jira Confluence Software Layout, Branching Architecture, Policies, Process Build server farms Virtualization Open Source Compliance Windows Active Directory Administration Linux Systems Administration Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

Familiar Skills

Agile CVS SVN Coverity Perl Python Debian RPM Maven Office 365 Enterprise Deployments VMware vCenter VMware vSphere

Management/Leadership Philosophies

       Hands on technical leadership by example

       Own decisions. Make it, execute it, and stand by it.

       Create a work environment that harbors open communication and creativity

       Encourage team core values and then empower team members to execute based on these values

       Realize that the team has more than one customer and each customer has unique requirements

       Help team members grow skills and establish career paths

       See budgetary and headcount restraints as crucible to forge a stronger team with new learned skills and the ability to deliver against odds

Professional Experience


Mar 2013   June 2013                                    Macys                                     Delivery Frameworks Engineer

       Work on the design and implementation of a Git based continuous delivery system for

       Evaluate DVCS tools like Git, Enterprise Repository Management and Code Review tools like Gerrit, Github, and Gitlab.

       Develop Proof of Concept designs and Minimum Viable Products to prototype workflows for new tool and process recommendations.

       Support existing silo-ed Git rollouts within Macys with a strategic direction of unifying and standardizing the usage of Git throughout the company as Macys attempts to transition off SVN.

       Develop a Git/Gerrit training program for developers.


Dec 2012   Mar 2013                         Access Systems Americas                Program Manager

       Step into a Program Management role for a project during the mid to final stages of delivery

       Implement Jenkins and Github to provide Continuous Integration builds to the developers

       Reduce build times from 2 hours to 15 mins by a combination of new hardware and processes

       Demonstrating the a higher ROI of spending resources on new hardware in a very limited budget for quicker build turnaround time

       Streamline the release process to the customer. Release times was reduced from 12 hours to 3 hours


Feb 2011   Dec 2012                          IPInfusion                              Director, Engineering Systems

       Scale various teams to own SCM, Manufacturing, Tools, Engineering/Corporate IT.

       Renegotiate and rebuild vendor relationships and save the company $1million in licensing and equipment costs

       Build IP Infusion India Research and Development center for 200 engineers in Bangalore

       Upgrade the global corporate, ticketing, email, antivirus, HA/DR, storage, intranet and network security to enable the company to service a 200% increase in employees

       Retrofit the Sunnyvale Engineering infrastructure to accommodate growing business requirements while maintaining zero downtime for existing infrastructure

       Implement Open-source copyright compliance policies and tools in line with customer requirements and company plans for development of a platform product

Sep 2010 – Feb 2011                           IPInfusion                                          Senior Release Manager

       Scale the quality and quantity of engineering deliverables by growing and optimizing all configuration management related activities

       Moved the configuration management team away from firefighting and to focus on infrastructure and process growth to better handle non-standard sales and engineering requests.

       Implemented Confluence so that the team can have a configuration management portal to create process, standards, and a single point of distribution to facilitate customer relationship and workflow.

       Implemented Jenkins to provide daily builds, smoke test, and static analysis runs continuously to increase engineering efficiency.

       Created a strategic and tactical implementation plan to migrate from CVS to Perforce

Sep 2004 – Sep 2010                           ACCESS Systems USA                     Release Manager

       Managed a team of 6 engineers to deliver accurate and reproducible builds to engineering and quality assurance spread globally in a 24 by 7 uptime environment.

       Managed the source code of multiple projects entailing source repository layouts, package repository layouts, check-in procedures, change procedures, and branching guidelines.

       Ensured copyright licensing compliance by working collectively with legal and program managers.

       Enhanced the capability of source control system, Perforce, and migrated infrastructure to International offices in Japan, Korea and China.

       Significantly increased Perforce performance by 30-50% for global software products by working closely with IT and Engineering to implement optimized processes, custom software, and hardware solutions.

       Interacted with engineering globally to implement a standardized engineering software development policy.

       Provided onsite technical solution advisement to international offices in Japan, China, and Korea for major product milestone upgrades.

       Developed a training package to train groups of 20-50 new employees in Japan, China, and Korea on Perforce software functionality and the companys standardized engineering process of software development.

       Worked with Marketing at trade shows to be a technical resource that has strong customer facing skills.

Nov 2001 – Sept 2004                         Palmsource Inc                                 Release Engineer

       Preformed for all release engineering work for Palmsource. This included maintenance releases, new release projects, and scripting automated release processes

       Administered Perforce for  300 users globally (United States, France, China)

       Shipped Palm OS 5.x. A significant milestone, as the operating system transitioned from the legacy hardware to ARM and the build environment moved from legacy PowerPC MacOS to a Windows based build environment.

       Worked on all subsequent maintenance releases of PalmOS 4.x, 5.x

       Release engineer on the next generation PalmOS 6.x. Automated and reduced the number of manual steps as much as possible.

       Managed the Configuration Management lab in terms of machines, infrastructure and build environments

       Developed a process to standardize custom build environments and machine cloning

       Developed the first release engineering processes for Linux when the Palmsource transitioned from Windows to Linux

Jun 2000 – Nov 2001                          Be Inc                                                 Release Engineer

       Responsible for all release engineering work for Be Inc.

       Release engineer on BeOS 4.x, BeOS 5.x  and BeIA

       Administered Perforce for 100 users

       Performed blackbox SQA functions for BeIA


Western Michigan University        

MBA                Computer Information Systems           Graduated: 2000

BBA                 Computer Information Systems           Graduated: 1998